Amelia Island Vacation 2011

The long awaited vacation photos are here!  It has been so long that you probably have forgotten that we even went on vacation.  Rather than break up this post, I squeezed it all in here.  After yesterday's super long and wordy post, I figured you could handle the pictures.  Confession: when I take photos on a trip, I hate to sift through them, I procrastinate, never able to decide which ones are the real keepers, and typically end up scrapping the whole photo editing process.  Here are my, straight out of my cannon elph, unedited photos of our fantastic week.

We stayed in an oceanfront house and enjoyed fantastic views.

Relaxed with family walks on the beach.

my camera went wonky and over exposed, but I kinda love it.

Behr and dad were able to spend some much needed bonding time.

I don't think I could ever take enough photos of these two!

Enjoyed some snuggle baby wearing time while dad was golfing and fishing.

Even snapped some close ups of Behr while baby wearing.

Spent lots of time at the pool, especially late in the day.

Hung out with Uncle Ben.

Took naps on the beach.  Because someone (me) got grumpy when we took long (3 hour) naps inside during sunny times and woke up when it was raining.  That was not cool.

Enjoyed some "bare" time on the beach.

Behr did not create the "wet spot" even though he looks guilty.
Splashed around in the wading pools that were created at low tide.  These wading pools presented the perfect opportunity to eat sand.  Behr loved sand.  It might be his new favorite food.

Enjoyed eating new foods (that were not sand).

Hung out in our nifty travel highchair.

Spent most nights going out to eat.  Behr was a champ at most restaurants, even "eating his words," as his grandmother liked to say.

Got some group pictures after dinner at our favorite restaurant, Brett's Waterway Cafe.

Including a few of the "men"

Enjoyed quality time with the grandparents.

Attempted a few family pictures of our own that were only moderately successful.  Good thing we hired a photographer to get some good pictures.  I can't wait to share these with you!

Tried out a new restaurant which served a crazy mexican beer/margarita/bloody mary type drink.  Uncle Ben was kind enough to share, but Grandpop clearly didn't enjoy it!

And finally my men slept on the plane each way! 

The end.


  1. LOVE your photos. So so good! You did a great job capturing everything so well. Feels like I was there. And I'm still loving Behr in his sunnies. Gosh it's so darn cute. When I look at these photos I really see that Westley and him are pretty much the same size. It's crazy!

  2. oh my goodness - love these photos of your fam. especially the one where behr looks right guilty (:

    So glad you loved Amelia - haven't been in a while, need to head back there. love that romantic little island.



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