Top 10: New Realities

1. Each morning, I set out to drink a cup of coffee.  Inevitably I find it half finished sometime after dark.

2. I am on page 18 of the book I started January 9th.  Who knows if I will finish it before spring.

3. If Behr and I are fed, bathed, and dressed for the day by noon, I consider my morning a success.  My previous notion of productivity has officially been blown out of the water.

4. I have managed to take over 300 photos of my baby, but had time to share less that 10 with only a handful of people.

5. I have over 200 emails and I am considering not responding to any and starting fresh.  This would be unnerving to the me before baby.

6. I no longer have time to finish a top 10, so we will just call this a "Top 5."


  1. you are an amazing mother. i love this list.

  2. What a wonderful family photo and I love the list!

  3. love this list and seeing how being a momma has rocked your world. i would love to see you and meet this little man!

  4. how true, shannon! today was an ultra productive day because i left the house and ran some errands (who cares that it was after 2pm?)... my to-do list used to have 30 things on it... now if i have 3 and get 2 of them down i consider myself productive... :) keep up the good work!

  5. If I loved close I would drop you off a meal! I hope you have good friends around you supporting you and taking care of you during this time :)

  6. Awesome list, Shannon. I love #4. Seriously, when am I going to have time to go through all these photos to share with people?



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