guest post: "don't judge."

hey y'all! 

i'm julie from green eggs & hammes
first of all, congratulations to shannon & mark on the birth of baby Behr! 
how adorable is that child? so squishy! love.

shannon & i have been friends since high school and i'm so thrilled to still be part of her life.
and now that we're both mom's, it makes it all that much more fun!

my husband & i had our little one in november of '09, Levi. he's the greatest.

i thought in light of shannon just having her baby, that i'd do a post on {wait for it...} baby stuff!
you're shocked, i know.

i decided to go the honest route...
so. here are the 
top 5 things i judged women for before becoming a mom 
& doing it myself.

{sad & wrong that i judged? absolutely. true? absolutely.}

1. c-sections.
let's just start right at the top. i never really thought about sections as a "necessary" thing.
i always kind of figured they were a cop-out to "real" births. so when someone said "i had a c-section" i usually ended up thinking "oh, they copped out" without asking further about what had happened to them.
that is - until it happened to me. a semi-emergency, totally unplanned c-section.
and you know what? my scar is my battle scar. it comes with a story. my baby's birth.
so now - i always ask about the full birth stories.

2. exersaucers.
{and massive amounts of toys in general}
they're totally UG-LY, right? i mean really. let's just be honest.
so when i saw those monstrous things in people's homes, i used to think
"yeah.stinkin.right. i will never have one of those things in my home."
and then, my friend offered to let us borrow hers... and i begrudgingly obliged (because i felt bad saying no)
and do you know what? levi loved the thing. and yes. it was ugly & took up a large corner of our small house.
but it kept him entertained, not on his back & happy so that i could do other things.
you know, like cook dinner.

3. worrying about everything
i thought i'd be different. i thought i'd be cool.
in my head, i used to say "geez, chill woman!" to all moms who fretted.
and then... my kid had a flat head. (pretty bad too, right?)
and i freaked about "will he have to wear a helmet??"... "will he have brain damage"
{seriously. not the end of the world... no helmet was needed & he's all round now, by the way}

4. paci addicts
i did. i judged women who allowed their child to get so addicted to the pacifier.
HA. we're {only partially now} paci addicted in this house, and you know what?
they work. and i like them.

5. taking a million photo shoots... every day.
of the kid alone. of me & the kid. of hubs & the kid.
just kidding. i never claimed i'd be anything except for that mom.

and there are so many more : pb&j {everyday}... putting your kid in an ugly outfit and swearing he looks adorable.
living on coffee. sticking your kid in front of the T.V. ...
etc. etc. etc.

so hey.
if you're not a mom yet: go easy on us! ;) 
we're all just doing the best we can!
and when you get to be a mom: do better than we do!
my mom says: "if i got to the end of the day, and nobody had gone to the hospital or died: it was a good day. and if dinner was on the table: it was a great day"
and those are words to live by.


  1. Well said, Julie! It's amazing how much we know about parenting before we're parents! :-)

  2. Your mom is a genius.
    And HOW MANY things are there that I said I would never do?!
    Runny nose/crusty face child.
    PJs in public.
    Have the kid who is screaming in the grocery store. (We have to buy groceries too!)

  3. Love it. Some of mine to add are:

    Letting your kid sleep in your bed - on occasion, of course. Even nursing in bed, lying down, was one of mine. Sad, I know.

    While I am a baby routine person, there are times when flexibility is highly necessary.

    Let's face it. I don't read to my children EVERY DAY like I thought I would.

    And quite frankly, every child is different and requires "methods" that work for that specific child.

    Good post, friend.



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