The Life of Behr: 2 Weeks

So...I am going to try to keep you posted on all things baby with a combination of blogs I have seen.  I love how Young House Love has kept track of their daughter Clara's growth.  And then my friend Julie {yesterday's guest blogger} did an update of what life with her little Levi has looked like over the past 14 months.

So I present to you, a combination of the two, "The Life of Behr"

Wake Up to momma singing "Rise and Shine, and Give God the Glory..."
Diaper Change & Feeding
Play Time in the boppy, I look in the mirror while Momma puts in her contacts and starts coffee
Reading Time, a few books until I fall asleep for my morning nap
Diaper Change & Feeding
Play Time with momma
Diaper Change
If I take another nap, momma hurries to eat lunch
Diaper Change & Feeding
Baby Wearing Time, so mommas arms can rest and I calm down
Enter the Witching Hours: late afternoon - midnight
Diaper Change & Feeding, now a bottle from daddy
Momma and Daddy eat dinner while I keep them occupied
Diaper Change & Feeding
Clothing & Diaper Change to get ready for bed
Daddy rocks me until Bed Time
Diaper Change & Feeding
Keep momma and daddy awake
Diaper Change & Feeding
Sleep until morning
{sometimes the wake and sleep time in the middle of the night switch places!}

Needless to say, there are a lot of diapers and feedings consuming our days right now.  I am excited to keep track of this "schedule" every few weeks to see how our little life evolves.  Once I return to work in mid-Spring, we will see how this post series evolves, but for now I am going to take one Diaper Change & Feeding at a time...

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  1. that sure looks like a smile to me at 2 weeks! go behr!



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