Car Seat

I was able to narrow down the carseat to 4 choices. They all had the same key features and only varried in a few areas that we deemed less important. So....drumroll please....after debate since JUNE! I have finally registered for a carseat:

Britax Boulevard 70 CS Convertible Car Seat - Blueprint

You can view it on my baby at Babies R Us here!

shameless? yes!


  1. where's the crib bedding?? didn't pick it out yet or are you getting it from somewhere else?

  2. We actually aren't going to do "crib bedding" we are just getting the standard white sheets that fit our tiny crib. The we picked out is the Bloom Alma - so super super small - to fit in our tiny apt. So we would have to get custom made bedding...

    ...we are also registered at Amazon.



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