2010 Reading List: August

Yup, baby books and Nicholas Sparks still top my reading list, and they have not let me down. I laughed hysterically through Belly Laughs and continue to love each Nicholas Sparks book, including The Wedding. But what I really want to tell you about is The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. This book is incredible. I might pick it up and read it again this month...might...

A compilation of letters between the Channel Islands and England post World War II, this book tells the intertwines stories of not so traditional war survivors. You learn the quirks and defenses as you fall in love with each of these characters. Eventually you watch them let their own guard down and learn to love each other in a lighthearted novel that is all things good and nothing bad (read: sans fluff, trash, and girlish stupidity common in so many books today)

However, my favorite part of this book just might be the story of its authors. Originally started by a passionate reader, but completed by her niece after she passed away, this book defines "keeping it in the family" and maintains a seamless style despite the change in authorship. The niece did an incredible job staying true to her Aunt's words and stepping in to complete this fantastic read.

Go. Buy It. Today.

Have you read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society? Have you found a recipe for Potato Peel Pie? I would be intrigued. Fill me in.

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  1. Love love loved potato peel society!!!! Such a good book :) read it last yr for book club



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