It's all about the knobs...

We excitedly found a dresser/changing table that would fit perfectly in baby's room originally at IKEA for $199, on craigslist for $120 practically brand new:

My not so fiscally responsible through process is, "that means we can afford to get cute knobs!" Of course I immediately looked at anthropologie and etsy. Here is what I have fallen for so far:

What do you think? Other suggestions? Our nursery will be neutral with a grey, orange, and turquoise color scheme. I am drawn to elephants recently, but I don't want to go overboard.

I might head to "color me mine" and try to create my own...


  1. i like the first one, third one and the elephants :)

  2. i looove the second ones- the crystal blue ones!

  3. I like third the best, then the first ones. Unless you want to do elephants which seem to be a bit more "baby"--then you will have an excuse to buy new ones in a few years. :)



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