20 Weeks Pregnant!

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We are officially half way there today and more excited than ever to meet our little one. On Tuesday we have our "big" sonogram appointment. We have decided to find out, but not quite yet. Our goal is to miss the telling pictures and ask the technician to print a good clear one when we aren't looking. Then the picture will go into an envelope that we won't open until our wedding anniversary on September 30th. This strategy keeps the secret a bit longer but still allows us to find out before the big day. What are the odds that we will make this work? Or last until our anniversary to dig into the news?

The past few weeks have been great. Here are some highlights:
  • I am no longer getting/feeling sick. Finally! My energy and appetite are returning to their normal (abnormal) state.
  • We can feel the baby! Not any fluttering or kicking yet. But occasionally when our little one nestles up against my side, we can feel the hard spot where the baby settles. At first we weren't quite sure, but now the spot moves around from day to day and sometimes even moves away when we poke! (no wonder)
  • Maternity clothes are taking a hold in my wardrobe. More and more I am turning to elastic waist bands and overly "blousey" blouses. Note to Heidi Klum and Liz Lange: While I appreciate your efforts towards improving the maternity clothing options, please make your next line less trendy and more classic - I am not planning to wear plaid tunics or sequined off the shoulder tops to my government job - but a few timeless knits would be great under my snug suit jackets!
  • I look pregnant! It is a joy to finally "show" your baby bump. I hope to enjoy these moments before I begin to dread the site of the bump on my front. (Hopefully I never reach this point!)

Goals for the next few weeks:
  • Gain weight! For the past 20 weeks my weight has simply been redistributing to my baby. But a few extra pounds would gladly be welcomed if they ensure better health for the baby.
  • Purchase a pill case - because I am driving myself crazy trying to remember if I took my prenatal and DHA vitamins each day! There are too many things to remember for my ever forgetful brain!
  • Finalize the closet "purge" to free up our newly renames spare room so it can quickly be renames once again...to baby nursery. You do remember the spring cleaning that resulted in me becoming perfectly content with my closet, right? Well that has all gone to crap as I am packing up out of season clothes and reorganizing into a much smaller footprint so baby can take center stage.

p.s. In addition to the baby bump growing, you will slowly see my summer tan fading...


  1. Yay!! Love the baby bump!! You look great!! MUST SEE YOU SOON =)

    P.S. Keep me in mind when you purge your closet =)

  2. you look great!! wish we could be closer together to go thru this together!! maybe i can visit this fall, after baby alpine makes an appearance, during my maternity leave?! please!!!!



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