Too Much Baby Gear!

Overwhelmed with baby gear online, Mark and I journeyed to "test" out the two items we are still undecided on: car seat and stroller. Although the store carried an overwhelming number of both, they carried neither brand we were looking for.

The results of our journey:
- we added about 5 things to our registry, and took 3 off
- we decided that boys baby clothes are WAY cuter than girls (yes, we know this may be contrary to popular opinion!)
- we decided there is way to much crap and came up with a new motto


  1. true dat.

    what type of stroller??? i am totally into strollers these days... ya know... chulamama.

  2. I am in LOVE with chulamama! I just ordered a bunch of maternity clothes. I can't wait for the package to arrive. I will be posting the stroller saga later this week...Uppababy vs. Peg Perego...

  3. Ah- i love that you ordering their clothes.

    I don't know much about either one of those...

    but i DO love the icandy & micralite toro!

  4. i think we need to start a contest ... for who can correctly guess the sex of the baby and when it will arrive.

    then, the winner (that will be me, obviously) can claim her (my) prize of trip down to dc to visit you!

  5. yeah, wayyyyy too much baby gear... overwhelmed is what i call it.
    and, yup, i'm in LOVE w/chulamama!! they have a store nearby and it's fabulous and i love the stuff on their website... also land of nod :)



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