Hudson Fourteen Months

Hudson is a moving and a shaking. In mid-May, he started to crawl, but without touching his knees to the ground. It was a haphazard looking movement that didn't get him very far. On May 30th, Hudson stood up and decided to walk, unprompted. (video here) This is the Hudson way. He does things on his own schedule, often without much excitement. But the look of accomplishment in his face says it all. Often I can tell he has learned something new just by his expression -- intrigue and delight cross his face.

He walks with his hands up, poised to block a passing swing from Behr, catch his own fall, or grab something just within reach. Hands, always at the ready. I can't even remember when Behr was just learning to walk, so I don't want Hudson to ever stop.

Hudson is an observer. He is determined. And he wants to do things himself. No help. Well, no help unless he really needs help. If he wants something he cant reach, he points and squeals. Immediately after nap time, he points to our bed to see if anyone is there, likely confusing his wake up for morning. Next he points for Behr, checking all the obvious places. These two drive each other a bit mad on minute and laugh hysterically together the next.

I am still learning so much about Hudson's sweet character. He fools me sometimes. He is mellow and wild, easy and a piece of work, likes to sit and focus on one toy and be on the move, never stopping for a second. Hudson is wild and unpredictable, these two things are certain. Our family is better off with him keeping us on our toes.

Hudson also had his first hair cut, shortly after the photo above was taken. We trimmed up the ears and around the back to get rid of his baby wisps. He is looking more and more like a big boy each day.

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  1. Sweet boy, he sound so similar to my Gracie who is going to be 16 months in a few is that even possible?!

  2. I can't remember Olivia really learning to walk either. Maybe because she was in daycare? Maybe I'll forget Axel's stages too???? I feel like I'll never forget Axel at this stage. Motherhood is weird.



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