Boston's North Shore: Cape Ann

Driving around the swells and turns in the road, the icy grey sky remains constant.

I am 19 and newly dating a sweet boy who is introducing me to a quaint New England town.
I am 21 and bringing friends for a piping bowl of chowder.
I am 22 and newly married to the sweet boy, making our first home just down the road.

Over the years, we return again and again. Memories bouncing around, so many, they are no longer clearly defined. I am 30 and returning with my husband and our two sons. Introducing them to the nooks and hiding spots, favorite artist's boutiques, shops, and lobster, oh the lobster!

Hudson is definitely a fan. He even tried to eat/teeth the claw shells. Behr is just waking up from a rainy day nap. If someone woke you up for a picture, you'd make the same face.

Places carry great weight for me. Here are a few of my favorites in Rockport:

Eat: Roy Moore's Lobster Co. // Top Dog // Lobster Pool (a bit of a drive outside of town, open seasonally)
See: Kaihlanen Gallery // Paul Strisik Gallery // Motif #1 (you can't miss it!)
Shop: Tuck's Candy Factory // Bearskin Neck Country Store // Lula's Pantry

As the sun began to break free, we shot down the road to another favorite, Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester. Even in the rain, these two places felt like home. My thoughts and worries rested, and I enjoyed my time. Space to run and room to breathe. It was a perfect day.


  1. Looks like such a Beautiful the pics!!!

  2. i love this so very much. i feel the same fondness for these beautiful little places along the north shore. :)

  3. What a sweet time introducing one of the gems of the north shore to your boys! Love that place. Will definitely be missing it in summer/early fall. I love it the most in early fall. Also lobster pool was our favorite go to summer place. I think last summer we went at least 8 times..



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