Reading, Eating, and Shauna Niequist

When a few friends here in DC emailed about a dinner party using Shauna's recipes from Bread and Wine, it was an immediate yes. I devoured Bread and Wine, reading it in a few short days and even blogged about it twice (here and here) for #bloggerbookclub. But I didn't realize until preparing for this dinner that I hadn't cooked most of the recipes. It was a delicious evening, with rich conversation. Its amazing what can happen when you gather six women around a table without their children. Falling just after the an IF: Table event, plus the content of Shauna's book led to plenty of conversation prompts, but as new and old friends, the topics flowed freely. As I wrote recently, I get into a non-productive rut of repeating the same few sentences over and over again. I think my favorite part of the evening was that conversation was so varied. along a wide range from genetic testing to what we say to our husbands before bed and oil pulling. The food was pretty good too!

We made:
Bacon Wrapped Dates, pg. 171
Brannon's Caesar Salad, pg. 227
Goat Cheese Biscuits, pg. 89
Maple Balsamic Pork Tenderloin, pg 216
Mango Chicken Curry, pg. 103

And for Dessert:
Breakfast Cookies, pg. 116
Simplest Dark Chocolate Mousse, pg. 247
Dark Chocolate Sea Salted Toffee, pg. 196

Have you read Shauna's book? Or perhaps some of her other books?
Do you have a favorite recipe?
And how do you get to deeper conversation with friends?

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