Toys That Entertain the Busy Toddler

We have all had a sweet taste of Spring these past few days. But if unpredictable weather forecasts have any chance in being right, there are still a few weeks left of winter. As we are itching to get our of our shoebox apartment, I have been reminded of the toys that work best at keeping us all entertained.

Symphony in B Orchestra - This toy was given to Behr as a "happy big brother" gift. It has become a favorite to all. Given its shape, it sits on a shelf out of reach with the instruments stowed away, but when we bring it down, Behr and Hudson sometimes will make music for nearly an hour. And it is significantly more soothing than the cymbals they like to play with. Plus, we have had conversations about a wide range of instruments from a clarinet to an accordion to a sitar.

Picasso Tiles - These are the perfect combinations of magnets + building blocks. Hudson can make shapes with them, Behr can build masterpieces. We visited friends who have a larger collection and 4 kids under 4 were entertained for almost the entire afternoon -- playing together! -- with these picasso tiles. Of the three different types of building block magnets we have received as gifts, these are definitely my favorite.

AquaDoodle - This is another one of those toys that stays put away, but when it comes out, everyone cheers. Recently, I have let Behr access it and fill up the water on his own. This makes no mess and we have fun watching the drawings and "secret messages" fade away as the water evaporates.

Dot Markers - These might be my own childhood favorite, but dot markers are often our rainy day cure. Plus there are tons of free print-ables on pinterest and homeschool blogs.

Automoblox - these block-based cars come completely apart and have interchangeable pieces, perfect for the budding engineer. Behr loves to switch them around. I like to take them all completely apart and watch him put them back together. Also, they don't make noise...just incase your ears are still ringing from the idea of the orchestra toy I listed first.

Check out my last Gift Guide for toys for this 3-5 age range. 
What are your favorite gifts to give the younger people in your life?

Also, Behr and I have been discussing, if Hudson is almost a Toddler, than what will Behr be? 
What comes after toddler?
(preschooler is too much of a mouthful)

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