2013 Gift Guide for Boys

As a mom of two young boys and a girl that would have rather been playing with matchbox cars than barbie dolls, I feel like I have a knack for boys gifts. This list includes some of our perennial favorites and a few on Behr's wish list this Christmas!

SmartMax // Behr received his first set when Hudson was born and they now go everywhere with us. Magnetic, the pieces click into one another to make different shaped cars and structures. A larger set is on our Christmas list. Behr actually carries around the promotional insert that came in the box and tells me daily that he wants the stunt kit.

Baseball Tee // Living in the city, I crossed most sports equipment off our toy list until I noticed people carrying these to the park occasionally. The good old baseball tee is portable and much better than trying to hold the ball for your kid to swing at, trust me! Plus, this is portable and takes up minimal space.

Bowling Set // I love this so much, I also recommended this last year (and a few items from that gift guide are now on our wish list this year). We gave this to Behr for his 2nd birthday and it still gets played with weekly. Worth every penny!

Trampoline // I wish we had room for this. Doesn't every kid need a good trampoline? Perhaps Behr would nap if I gave him a few hours ours to jump out his energy? This is an item we would definitely be asking grandparents for if we had more space. {Grandparents, if you are reading this, don't get this for us! Remember, we don't have a yard!}

Silver Speedster // Behr's first birthday present, which he still rides all the time. Again, worth the sticker price! If you are wondering how we fit this behemoth in our apartment after the last description, we don't! It sits in the hallway outside our apartment.

Slot Car Race Track // Don't you remember growing up with these? Behr and Hudson (mostly Behr) broke out Uncle Ben's set from the 90s and played with it over Thanksgiving. I am nostalgic for the classic toys, and this one is high on the list.

Pallina Game // This is a great game to teach colors, patience, and even being gentle (or careful). We have had a lot of fun as a family playing this game and adapting to Behr's various versions of the rules. Originally his goal was to make all the balls drop as fast as possible!

Rain Boots // We have tried them all. Western Chief are our favorites. Both the price point and the quality are top notch. Get them for all of the kids you love.

What are your favorite gifts for kids?
Most of these gifts are really for the whole family! 

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