We are going to #InfluenceConf

This year, I will have a side kick with me at Influence Conference. Hudson is coming along and honestly, it terrifies me! It is the only way I could come to the conference, but I have so many questions! What if he wakes up my roommates? (hi Kim and Nadine!), Roommates I didn't have until the past few weeks because I thought no one would want to room with crazy me and my 5 month old. What if my arms get tired? I mean do you see that chunk? This kid is huge. What if he spits up all over ever single one of my outfits and I smell like baby vomit every single day? Basically, if you have ever brought a kid to a conference, help me out with your best advice.

I am bringing: 
My favorite pieces from StitchFix even if they might be worn under an ergo for most of the conference, they are the most stylish clothes I own.

My iPhone instead of my big camera. This makes me sad, but Hudson is taking up enough space already, and I would rather have hands to hug people instead of hold a camera.

Hudson is bringing:
His favorite teething toy and lots of burp cloths!

I am looking forward to:
I am most excited that all three of my roommates from last year (Melody, Lena, and Julie) will be back this year through the Lord's working and although we totally love each other to pieces and would have roomed together again, God is doing something bigger and better. I don't know what it is yet, but I am stoked. He is pulling us out of our comfort zones, and that usually means He is working.

Digging deep with a few folks I have been connecting with online since January. Last year I ran around like a teenager and wore myself out. I look forward to conversations this year.

Hudson is looking forward to:
Not having to fend for his life since big brother Behr is staying home.
Meeting his lady friends, Miss Phoebe and Miss Claire (and probably some other rocking babies too!)

We are both super excited to meet you all!

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  1. Aww. I know all these babies are going to make me miss mine like crazy! But I just don't think I could keep a 10 month old occupied the whole time. But on the flip side I'm really nervous about leaving him without boobs! Ah! I look forward to meeting you and that cutie baby boy. Mine's a chunk too. They're better that way ;)

  2. I thought you were NOT going?!?!? Sorry I won't be there to see you!!!

  3. I cant wait to see you there! And I need some baby advice too. Ah!!

  4. If your arms get tired you bring that sweet boy to me! I'm so excited to meet you, Shannon! And I love that you're looking at the adventure the Lord is bringing you and your roommates from last year. I think so often we forget that sometimes when things don't go the way we've ideally imagined, He's opening us up to so many more possibilities to be of service to Him.

  5. I can't wait to be kept awake by that babe! ;)

  6. Hope y'all have fun! I just took my little one to a girls retreat and it was fun! She had just started crawling though so that made it tricky!! I think Hudson will be a great age!! And he is bound to be loved on by everyone there -wish I was going!

  7. It sounds like there will be a LOT of little ones at the conference, but I'm thinking that you must already have some pretty strong arms from working out with him! ;) I can't wait for the conference!

    The Random Writings of Rachel

  8. Aw you'll definitely still have fun with the little guy! Plus everyone's going to be swooning over him, so you'll make tons of new friends :)

  9. I'm super excited to meet Mr. Hudson! What a doll. If your arms get tired, just pass him over. I have some big time baby love and am missing my nieces and nephews like crazy! So seriously. ;) I'm excited to see you again Shannon!

  10. Oh, I want to meet Hudson-he's adorable!! :) Looking forward to seeing you again!

  11. Shannon - Claire and I can't wait to hang out with you and Hudson. I just know we're all gonna like each other a lot.

  12. I want to make it there one of these years- will be interested to hear how you like it!



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