Behr's First Day of School 2013

(it is crazy to see how much he has grown in the past year!)
also, it looks like Behr is growing basil from the top of his head, based on plant placement here.

When thinking about being home with both boys this year, it became clear that Behr would still need a bit of school. His personality soaks up information and experiences in a way that gives him even more energy. He is constantly looking for something new, asking questions and investigating. A slow week at home may work well for Hudson and for me, but it induces cabin fever in Behr. After looking around at options, and weighing our other activities, farm share pick up, moms bible study at church, we settled on a small class program, one morning a week. I was thrilled. Behr would get an outlet, I would spend time dedicated with Hudson, and both boys would still be with me most of the week.

Behr could not have been more excited to visit his school. He jumped right into the action during a beginning of the year open house where we saw his classroom and met his teachers. We counted down the first day of school for what felt like weeks. He talked about his lunch, needing to bring his back pack, books he was planning to read at school, and that he would have friends there. It made me hope for similar excitement and optimism for years to come. I pray that school is always a place that inspires Behr, somewhere he looks forward to spending time.

On Behr: Lunch Box // Back Pack // Shorts // Shoes 

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