Faux First Day of School

Since Behr goes to school (daycare) everyday, he doesn't really have a "first" day. He transitioned into the toddler room sometime last Spring and will be moving to the next room sometime late Fall, so there isn't really a big milestone to celebrate at this stage. But since Behr started daycare about this time last Fall, and we took pictures, I wanted to continue the tradition. I have remarked one too many times, but I just cannot believe how much he has grown in the past year. Behr also turned 20 months yesterday...not ready to talk about it!

don't mind the balcony. I didn't straighten it up before taking these pictures, and things are still a bit wind blown from our last storm!

I am linking up to Small Style.

Behr is wearing:
an ancient hand-me-down polo shirt
I think this shirt has gone through at least five kids, talk about quality! I love the little sailboat.
Old Navy shorts
When I realize how dirty he would get at daycare, I bought as many shorts as I could find for under $5.
These items have served us well!

Although Behr doesn't carry a backpack to school, we did get him this one for our Florida vacation. I can't wait to show you pictures of him strutting through the airport with it! Speaking of Florida, not sure how much I will be on the blog, but you can follow along on instagram! (TheScribblePad)


  1. Awww, he is such a handsome little guy!!!

  2. Oh man, that kid of yours is so incredibly cute. His face in the last picture is priceless.

  3. I just love his hair- the part is adorable. Found ya at Small Style.
    I'd love for you to link up to WKWW-What Kids Wore Wednesday Link Party this week at ONE little MOMMA!


  4. UM. His hair. It's so cute I can't even handle it.

    Yay for back to school. Can't wait to see him with the backpack!

  5. Happy 20 Months, sweet Behr! Those photos could not be any more adorable!

  6. Whether or not he has a traditional first day of "school," I'm sure Behr enjoyed it all just the same. I'm sure that polo has seen many arts & crafts and snacktimes too!



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