Our vacation from a month ago

Sadly, the only family pictures we have with a real camera all look like this - hazy and blurry.

On August 1 (yes, an entire month ago) we took Hudson on his first plane ride, his first trip to Florida, and his first Schreiber Family Vacation. I don't know who was more excited, me or Behr! It was on this vacation that I basically gave up blogging in August. The beach is too appealing to want to sit behind a computer. One morning I woke up at 5:00 and couldn't sleep so I sat on our balcony and captured the sunrise. It was breathtakingly beautiful. The pictures above pale in comparison to the first-hand experience of this vibrant ocean-front sunrise.

Here's the thing about the beach, I always over-pack, over-plan, and over-prepare each moment hoping for it to be perfect. I am happiest when near the beach, so I don't want to mess anything up. But no matter how much I try to perfect it, the beach is what it is. It will be the beach no matter what I do. I think I might have finally learned that the biggest key is to just show up.

So show up (well-prepared) we did! Our beach days are best when dragged out in long stretches. When kids nap well on the beach, all else seems right in the world (perhaps a slight exaggeration). With Behr and Hudson right now, the beach is largely the same each day. We collect seashells. Toss balls. Eat "sammishes," Behr speak for sandwiches. Chase seagulls away from our food. Look for dolphins. We are all a bit obsessed with dolphins. Build castles and dig tunnels. And maybe collect some more seashells. We run and run and run and run and jump over waves.

Some of the highlights from our trip to Amelia Island this year:

Behr taught Mark to hold a baseball bat, "No, Dad, like this." the way grandpop taught him.
I fell asleep reading on the beach (chorus of angels) only to be woken up by Behr poking me in the belly button. Teach dad to play baseball the way grandpa taught us.
Crazy rainstorms, including one that sent Mark to the beach to collect our things being blown away.
Lots of pool time and jumping.
Horses, Manatees, Crabs, Sharks, Dolphins, Oh, My!
Building Hudson a sand chair.
The Jacksonville Zoo, it rocks.
and Uncle Ben!

I am linking up with Blair for life lately
...even though his post is more late than lately.


  1. That picture of Hudson in the sand is the best. :)

  2. Hello, link up neighbour! Happy Monday!

  3. That picture of your baby in the sand is DARLING!

  4. Hudson in the sand chair....I almost died and then Behr with the ice cream.....your boys are sweetness!!!

  5. Behr! Hudson! I'm squeeing over all the cutesies.

  6. BEAUTIFUL photos!! looks like a great and fun vacation! visiting from the link up with Blair!




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