Angelos Family Vacation 2013, a snapshot

I come from a big, loud, Greek family on my Dad's side and an even more boisterous Irish-Catholic family on my mom's side. Sometimes my little family of four seems so tiny and quiet. I crave huge family dinners. But what I love more than anything else is family vacation. Spending a week at the beach with my family meant aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents on both sides and lots of beach neighbors who somehow had some family member who knew or served in the Army with my grandfather, he knew everyone. Meals would be home cooked, we would camp out all day on the beach with coolers full of food and drinks, we would debate the Philadelphia Eagle's pre-season or the Phillies' October potential, play cards and mastermind, throw the football or kick the soccer ball, build sandcastles, boogie board, skim board, and laugh a lot. We would video each other mimicking one another, put on concerts and plays, make friends with the lifeguards and bring them lunch. In a few short days, you would have thought we spent all summer on the water. Our beach memories growing up are some of the finest. I want Behr and Hudson to look back on their family vacations and smile like I do now. So when Angelos family vacation rolls around, I get out the games and start threatening all of my siblings that they better show up (they are hip and single and sometimes think they have better things to do). I want our childhood memories to live on and I want Behr and Hudson's childhood memories to begin like mine did. So here is Angelos family beach vacation in the quickest snapshot that ever was (pardon the scroll...two days in a row...phew!) 


  1. These are the best pictures! Your husband pulling Behr in the wagon is just tooooo much!

  2. I LOVE every one of these pictures....such a fun family vacation and such great memories being made for your boys!!!

  3. LOVE these photos. So pretty. And Behr is growing up SO fast. I know. Preaching to the choir.

  4. Yes, big families! That is the hardest part of being a stay at home mom to two littles. I've never been in a house that's so quiet before and it's a hard adjustment.

    Looks like such a fun trip! I want to try and do more vacations like this one, with out getting stressed out about details. I am such a stresser when it comes to vacation (go figure)



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