Little Days with Cousins

You've heard me talk about my cousins before at least a few times. I come from a big family that all have big families. It makes family get together chaotic and crazy and recently, a lot more fun. There are more than a dozen of us each a few years apart, but in the past 6 years, Aunts and Uncles have added 4 cousins born and I had two children of my own. For the first time in years, there are a handful of kids about the same age at family gatherings. Shortly after Hudson was born, we met up with everyone to give him a proper introduction to his great big Greek-Irish-Catholic-German-and a little bit of everything else family on his Mom's side. And of course, we always aim for a group picture...

Do you live near family or get to visit with them? Do you have lots of cousins?  Or are you an only child? I am fascinated by families! Tell me what it was like growing up in your family or what it is like for your kids now!

Join us for the Little Days link up - link to a recent post about your kids. The rules are flexible so you can share what you wish, but please share the love and visit some of the other folks who link up!


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