Aunts and Uncles and Cousins, Oh My!

My little cousin Eli {sporting the blue t-shirt and capri sun} turned two June 4 and we celebrated with loads of family. Behr got passed around and well loved on, while birthday boy Eli ruled the roost.  Highlights included superb grilling by Uncle Eddie, Eli enjoying the trucks on top of the cake better than the cake itself, and construction cone party hats.  The day was full of great food and a whole lot of front porch sitting.  It felt like the true beginning of summer.  

Top row: Me, Behr and Emma - Eli - Liam - Ryan and Michael - Behr
Second row: Eli - Emma - Behr and Meghan - Chloe - Behr and Me
Third Row: Meghan and Emma - Behr and Aunt Robin - Julia and Me - Michael and Behr - Liam
Bottom Row: Liam - Uncle Bobby and Behr - Ryan, Michael, and Eli - Liam, Eli, and Parker - Mom, Behr, and Julia

Did you follow all of that?

It is so exciting to think of how much fun Behr is going to have growing up with my younger cousins!


  1. wish i could attend these kinds of events. we loved seeing you guys. my dad is moving back in september so we may make it up there for christmas!

  2. Thanks for stopping by James. I figured the comment was you. We miss you at the family gatherings too!

  3. Great photos and really cool how you put them together. What a fun filled weekend!



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