Chestertown Tea Party

For about ten years, we have joined our friends on the Eastern Shore for a Memorial Day BBQ, many coming from the famed Chestertown Tea Party. As newlyweds, we were always too busy to set aside the time to go. Two kids and a much busier life later, we made the trek and we won't ever look back. The festival boasts music, puppet shows, craft booths, and food stalls hosted by nearby churches selling everything from funnel cake to crab cakes. Throw in a historical reenactment and the ability to walk around, beer in hand and its a win in my book! We spent the unseasonably cool and windy day supporting local artisans and catching up with old friends. We had so much fun, we hardly noticed the weather.

Sunbun from Evergrain = honey + cinnamon sugar goodness.

I love the sweet little flowers above all bunched together. They were all over the festival.

And a bagpipe drum circle? Amazing!

The muddy Chester river. 

Funnel Cake. The End.

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  1. I have always wanted to go! Maybe next year...



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