Little Days: Morning Trains


I mean, that smile. It makes me melty.

Do you see that little light on the front of the train? Yup, that one. 
Well that means we go through a lot of batteries in our house these days.

Saturday, May 11th was National Train Day. Mark, Behr and Uncle Ben went exploring Union Station and returned with plenty of swag. The biggest perk was a renewed fascination from Behr to set up his own train tracks at home. We spent most of the next morning making and remaking tracks, cleaning up collision sites, and perfecting our "chugga chugga..." Coffee, bagels, and trains are a wonderful way to spend an early morning, don't you think?

Did you go to any National Train Day celebrations?

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  1. behr is too stinkin cute! i love his locks; ben just talked me into chopping our boys' hair off and i'm still mourning a little. didn't even know it was "train day" but i'm sure we each pushed a train or two nonetheless!



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