Very First Vlog

Hudson is now two months old. Today! Clarity is just beginning to return. There have been moments when I felt like we were out of the woods, but really, the past week has been incredibly different than the previous seven. I can't quite identify why things are different, but I attribute most of it to Hudson being more interactive and eating not quite as frequently as his previous panic feeding pace.

I am so excited to be getting back to this blog, and kicking it off with my very first vlog. Its a bit awkward, but ultimately, I think it actually might be as close to sitting across from me having coffee as you can possibly get when you are recording yourself.

I mentioned I am linking up in two places: #SheReadsTruth (Happy One Year!) and with Blair at Wild and Precious. Guys, seriously, check out these ladies. They make the online community worth investing in.

The boys are eager to get out to the park now that they are both awake. You might come back later and see this last paragraphed switched out for more real writing if bedtime goes smoothly tonight. A mom can hope, right?

Thanks for sticking with me through the silence. Happy to be back.


  1. Loved your vlog, you did great and it is so nice to put a voice to your blog!!! Hudson is such a doll and yay for getting to stay home with your happy for you!!! Now off to check out She Reads Truth and Blair at Wild and Precious!!! Happy Monday!

  2. It's so nice to hear your voice again :) And to read your words. Love you.

  3. I agree, blogs are uncomfortable but I like how you described it as sitting across from you having a cup of coffee. What a great community of women! Glad to learn more about you!



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