Wardrobe Rework

Five days before my due date might not seem like an ideal time to focus on my wardrobe, but for the next few months, my world is shifting and I want to make sure I don't wear all black! I am joining Danielle of Framed Frosting for this style experiment.

My six pieces:

J.Crew Aqua Sleeveless Tunic - In theory, I love this item, but I never seem to wear it out of the house.

Tulip Shirt from Stitchfix - I love the pattern here and the tab sleeves. I want to be bold in how I wear and style this shirt (not just wear it with white jeans every time).

J.Crew Boy Shirt in Plaid - This shirt is quintessential Shannon. Unfortunately it has fallen out of rotation and needs some new pep. 

Yellow Kate Spade Cardi - Can I saw swoon? This cardigan rocks, but I am sure it can be more versatile than I typically allow.

Madewell Chambray Top - After searching for the perfect jean jacket, I bit the bullet last Spring and went with chambray instead. I am still a bit overwhelmed on how to wear this, so I will gladly accept your pointers!

J.Crew Berry Cords - A twist on nantucket red, perhaps? I love the idea of these pants (so bought them while pregnant) but haven't had a chance to wear them yet.

Be sure to check out my looks on instagram. I am even going to try to weave some of these pieces in and around having a baby. Wish me luck! (and again, seriously, give me your fashion pointers!)


  1. dude. do not be overwhelmed by the chambray. where it with ANYTHING. i'm dead serious.

  2. love those pieces!!! have fun working them in!!!!

  3. Thank you so much for being part of my Six Piece Remix! I can't wait to see how you style that chambray top!!



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