Dear Baby, It's Nearly Spring

Dear Baby,

A few weeks ago these lovely tulips filled our home. They welcomed throughs of Spring and much more symbolically, the realization that you, our second son, will soon be born. So as I gazed at these flowers, I decided to teach myself even more about using manual. Way too many pictures later, I am continuing to understand how to better use my camera, especially indoors. Beware! Mom is gonna go crazy taking photos of you. Fortunately, you have a stellar big brother who has learned the ropes of avoiding unwanted paparazzi. (and then things jumped to a whole new level when I bought myself an early birthday present today).

Your brother was born in a snowstorm. And although Spring is upon us, I am secretly hoping that by the oddities of nature, it might snow on the day of your birth too.

Recently I have been longing to know your story, how it will begin and where it will go, and how our family will shift to embrace you. I try to imagine my range of emotions, who I will think you look like, to fill in the details I never knew I would know about Behr. Details that my heart is literally jumping to know about you. I recently wrote about your kicks lessening as you grew out of room, but you have already proven me wrong. You move with increased intensity and regularity. I cannot wait to have your ball of energy bouncing around in my arms.

The countdown is on. In less than 16 days, we are guaranteed to meet.

I am so excited, I can't seem to sit still.
(I guess I will just have to go practice more with the camera)

your momma


  1. sooooo excited to hear the news about him, shannon! and don't you just looove having fresh flowers in the house?

    drew recently dropped my camera (you can imagine the inward sobs that were happening) and the auto focus is now broken... i'm too scared to bring it to be fixed in case she comes early so i've been feverishly practicing manual focus. :)

  2. Beautiful flowers, and beautiful letter :) Also you'll love the 50mm. It's totally changed my life. I'm still using it in automatic, but one day I'll learn manual!

  3. so sweet shannon! it's such a great feeling knowing you'll get to meet your little one in such a short time!

  4. Tulips are my absolute favourite!



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