Little Days of Pizza Making

We have started a mini Friday tradition in our house, making pizza with Behr. He loves to cook so much these days, we are trying to constantly think of ways he can be at the help without actually touching the oven or stove. Behr gets so excited. The second we walk in the door, he is pulling the chair over to the counter. The more steps Behr can be involved in, the better.

Do you cook with your kids? 

What are your favorite things to make together?

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Little Days is a link up where moms can encourage each other in the little things that make parenthood so precious. Life doesn't have to be full of big moments, and it isn't only the "big" that deserves to be recorded. 
Here we share the ins and outs of our kids lives. We hope you join in the fun.


  1. I love that he's already helping fun when they can be involved!

  2. So sweet! We make pizza in our house fairly regularly, and Craig always gets SO EXCITED and is like "PIZZA PARTYYYYYY!"

  3. making pizza is so much fun, i bet he loves every minute of it! currently my daughter is the one that loves being in the kitchen with me. she tries to memorize the recipes!



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