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This book is a fantastic read. Here are some of the points that stuck with me

Liesel's brother's death seems to have sparked her love for books. Can you imagine falling into reading over a Gravedigger's guide? When did you fall in love with books? Was there a particularly book that shifted you towards becoming a reader?

Max seems to fill a void in Liesel's life. I went back and forth over whether Max became a surrogate brother for her, or helped fill the void of love in her life. What role do you think Max played for Liesel?

The Mayor's decision to no longer pay for their laundry to be done seemed akin to similar decisions being made in Washington. With the sequester upon us, silly things like Story Time at the Library of Congress and White House tours are being canceled. But like no longer paying for laundry, these seem to be appearance based actions, not significant changes.

The lists throughout the book are such a natural insertion of details. From Rudy's foolish acts, Liesel's gifts for Max, and even Max's dreams, the lists efficiently round out character depictions. It feels natural for their to be lists, like human nature. Are you a list makers? What lists do you currently have running in your life?

The book is narrated by Death. It wasn't until the Narrator says he had visited their home on 33 Himmel Street, that I realized the role of the narrator. Did you realize this? Have you ever read a book narrated by death?

This book presents a very different perspective to WWII and the Holocaust than the books I read in school, and since then. How do you think this book differs from The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne FrankNight by Elie Wiesel, and others?

What points struck you as your read this book?

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A few other thoughts:

Pregnancy exhaustion and insomnia had me thinking I would not make it through this book. And then I discovered audible. I have had the app for months, but never used it. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book. Do you listed to books on audio? It might be my new favorite thing!

Stay tuned to our Blogger Book Club page for updates about our next book selections. For April, we are spinning things a bit and sharing about our favorite e-books. Be sure to come ready to share yours!
p.s. I'm still taking book suggestions.

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  1. oooh I'm so excited- we picked this for our book club this month at work. I'm glad you liked it!



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