One Month

Today marks one month until my precious baby boy is due. One month. My heart is full of emotions.

One month with Behr as my little guy, my big boy who is still my baby, but growing faster than I could imagine. One month where he gets the fullest of my attention.

One month of feeling tiny kicks inside me. As this month wears on and baby boy grows, I know those will be less active. I am not quite ready to say goodbye to the best days of pregnancy.

One month of back aches and leg cramps that make me wish for this baby tomorrow.

One month until our world as we know it changes. When snuggling on the couch might mean a son on each side of my and my husband being kicked off the couch. When grabbing lunch at our favorite salad place means a baby in each of our arms. When Sunday football might not be simply a baby in one hand a beer in the other. Things are changing, will continue to change. But this change, its gonna be really good.

I have dedicated my heart to one precious baby boy, and now I get to do it again. With an adoring brother looking over my side to see his baby brother's eyes peek open. I know my heart and love will be able to expand as we bring another baby home, because it already has begun. My heart is growing and stretching. All the while, there is no way I can possibly imagine what the next weeks hold for us, our little family.

One more month!


  1. little Behr! He's going to be a great big brother!

  2. I know you will enjoy this last month with little Behr. Life with two can be challenging, especially at first, but some days I think my heart will burst with fullness! ;) Praying for you!

  3. what?!?? how are you here already?!???

  4. Enjoy the portability of one child. That's probably the thing I miss most. But of course, once Olivia is old enough to walk next to me without running into the street things will get a little easier. Maybe Behr is already old enough to do that?

  5. Eeee enjoy this last month! I hope it doesn't go by too quickly for you all. I know it will be a GREAT change, but a change nonetheless. Behr must be SO excited though :)

  6. So exciting!! I loved the last month of my pregnancy, it was so bittersweet. Behr will make the cutest big brother!

  7. you're making me anxious for another! Behr will be such a great big brother. :)

  8. It's going by so fast, so excited for you to meet your little guy!

  9. so excited for you shannon! hope this last month goes by quickly with you feeling as comfortable as one can be with a little human inside of them.



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