#LittleDays Photo Shoot Directed by Behr

You know your kids know you are a blogger when:

a) your son wants to dress us on a random saturday morning
b) he brings you the DSLR and says, "see me, please!" (loose translation: take my picture and then show me how cool I look)
c) he rocks some seriously stellar facial expressions
d) all of the above

Guess what? I totally eat it up. Behr has grown into a phase where he either does or vehemently does not want his picture taken. So when he suggests a photo shoot, I am all game. Even if it is freezing. His facial expressions and poses crack me up, especially his "aloof, looking in the distance" pose. Where does he get this stuff?

You should also note, that my necklace from Lady Lee and Drew Jones (which he never actually used for teething) has become his security blanket of sorts. It travels with us nearly everywhere these days. So of course, Behr insisted it be part of the photo shoot!

+ + + + +

Little Days is a weekly series geared towards capturing our children and their stories. I hope that this series becomes a way to continue to encourage one another to enjoy the small moments and also a record that we can easily look back upon to see the often overlooked moments of childhood. Join us by linking up your own recent post and helping to spread the word. #littledays


  1. You have trained him well! Ayla is just starting to pose for me, of course with instant demands to "look" and "more!"

  2. Behr is just adorable! I love these photos!

  3. he is so cute!


  4. Oh my gosh STOP I'm gonna eat him up. That cutie.

  5. I love that he's carrying your necklace around. That is pretty much the cutest thing ever!

  6. That's adorable! See me please!!! How cute. And also indicative of the fact that you're blogger spawn. Heeeeeee.
    Stella also is either super into or SUPER not into having her picture taken. She loves, though, when I give her my camera remote and she can take pictures herself.
    Also, she's been spotted taking selfies in the mirror with my iPhone. Oy.



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