A round up.

Spending time at home with a sick kid while also trying to get a full work day in is no fun, no fun at all. But let me tell you. While we were home together, Behr was certainly my little buddy. Here are a few things from this week.

1. We spent a lot of time flipping through our blurb books. Behr loves looking at pictures of himself. His new phrase is "see me please" which means either on my phone, or the stack of books on our coffee table. Needless to say, we passed hours looking at Behr in print while he was sick. Now I need to go and order a new book from this past winter before my instagram overflows. I might even have to order a second of each just so they last through the years. The good news is Blurb is offering 20% off now through 2/14 with code MYBOOKLOVE.

2. I am creating a monster to do list before the baby comes....NEXT month! Happy February = almost baby time. Wahoo.

3. February also means Super Bowl time. Our house will be cheering for the Ravens. If you are throwing a party or simply watching the game these links should help you out.

4. After the Super Bowl, Alex and I are relaunching our Monday Nine to Five Feature showcasing some of our favorite bloggers. If you would like to be featured, or know a great blogger who would, email me.

5. Before the Super Bowl, I am hosting my first every pop-up shop on instagram. Follow @shopthescribbepad to join in the fun and snag some Valentine's for a special someone!

6. #bloggerbookclub just keeps getting better and better. We read all about Mindy this past month and will be reading Unbroken for February. Curl up on this blustery weekend and get a jump start on your reading. p.s. there is still time to comment on, "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?"

7. Wow...I am totally starting to plug my blog here. Welp, let's just do it again. I am loving the #littledays link up. And would be thrilled if you would join me. That picture up there is one of my favorites. I love that the series kicks my but into capturing family moments. (link up with us, every Thursday)

8. If every day was like the morning of snuggles we had there, I would be in heaven. But some days are really challenging, and this week was full of them. This lady keeps being a huge encouragement towards mothering well. I look forward to learning from her each day.

9. I will be transitioning home on maternity leave in a few short weeks. Any tips for those early days? They seem like so long ago!

10. One tip I have for you is to jump on a farm share. It is about that time of year and for our family, the number one way we eat healthy - filling out house with produce each week! Here is the info on our farm share if you live in the DC area. But you can find one near you here.

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  1. Oh Behr! And I can't believe the baby is coming next month! That's ca-razy. Where has the time gone?

  2. My book club really thought that Unbroken was outstanding. It will be interesting to see if the 'younger generation' liked it as much as we did.

  3. Loved those pictures of Behr!! I really want to link up to your little days, I just need to get on the ball with my pictures! :) I think it is such a darling idea.

    I love doing farm share, it's a fun way to incorporate new veggies I don't usually buy into our meals.

  4. Andy gave me an afternoon out - so I'm catching up on so much!! Including comments I'd been wanting to leave!!!

    You are seriously such a blessing - SUCH a blessing. And Unbroken? I"m reading it again - SO SO SO GOOD!!!

  5. The best tip I got for adding a baby to the family was to the make lunch for the older one the night before. I put it in a lunchbox, fill up a sippy cup and put it all on a low shelf in the fridge. It makes life a lot easier to just pull it out and plop it on the dining room table for Jonah and Henry.

    If I'm really on the ball, I fill up little baggies of cut fruit, cheese, and crackers to make snacks easy.



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