Little Days: Morning Light

The sun rising in the distance, streaks of sunlight peeking through the curtains. Nothing beats gorgeous morning light, especially on Saturdays. On Saturdays, morning light is the best. Over the weekend, Behr was being especially playful and fortunately we had the camera nearby. He totally posed this way and that, grabbing his feet, looking out the window, and calling for my attention when he had an idea! This kid, he melts my heart.

Once I started reviewing and editing these photos, they reminded me of a similar morning mini photo session. How has he changed so much in six short months? And have you seen his camera obsession on instagram lately? (username: thescribblepad)

those hands and feet,
love them.

Now, I would love to see what you and your kids have been up to! 
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  1. These are beautiful. I'm absolutely doing a shoot with Pips on Saturday. I love a naked baby on a clean white bed. (hmmmmm....I've got the naked baby...i just need to work on the CLEAN white bed.)

  2. LOVE those pictures....they are all so sweet!!

  3. He's so cute...and looks so curious! He has changed so's really not fair how fast they grow up!

  4. He's just the most handsome. Beautiful photos girl!

  5. OH MY! These are WONDERFUL!!!!!!

    I hope you frame some of these. They are perfect! :)

  6. Such sweet pictures of a sweet boy. Loving your blog design. So excited for you with the new little one on the way :) Congrats, girl!



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