Blogger Book Club 2013

Blogger book club started between two bloggers, last summer, over email when we were encouraging each other (mostly me) to start taking time to read again. We picked up Bloom, exchanged incredible emails at all hours of the night, and decided to open up the conversation to the rest of our friends online. After a few successful books and one dud we slowed down around the holidays. Here we are kick starting things again, this time with a little bit more structure and hopefully even more discussion. 

How it works:
once a month on the last tuesday
posts go live first thing in the morning
jump in the comment conversation at any point throughout the day
super tip: subscribe to the comments to stay engaged
note: this is not a link up and you don't have to blog about the book, 
but you can feel free to write your own reviews and share them in the comment section each month.

This book club is for YOU if:
You love reading.
You find yourself wanting to talk about the books with people who care.
You read one of these books months ago and are still talking about it!
You don't want to write a book report.

The books for the rest of the year are still being chosen. We would love your suggestions!

Catch up on our past books and learn about future selections
on my Blogger Book Club page.

See you on the 29th to chat about Mindy!


  1. Love Mindy. Linking to this on Friday!

  2. I just read Mindy's book over the break and have been wanting to read Unbroken for like, a while now. Will totally join the conversation!

    1. Yes! I am almost finished. So excited to have you joining us Jill.

  3. YESSSS ALREADY READ MINDY'S BOOK. I'm so ahead of the game on book club :) Can't WAIT for that one!

  4. If you're still looking for suggestions may I suggest The Midwife of Hope River by Patricia Harman? It's set in 1930's West Virginia. Pretty good :)

  5. Unbroken is on my list...was going to read it in March, but I think I'll move it to February so I can join in on the fun!

  6. love this idea! and finding new books to read!

  7. Love this... I've read them all so I'll definitely be participating!! Whoop whoop!

  8. Yay! I just saw this and requested the first two books from my library. Crossing my fingers they arrive in time!

  9. Such a fun idea! Will have to get this book and participate! :)



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