Behr's Second Birthday Party (both of them!)

Behr actually had two birthday parties this year! Because most of our friends and family are split between PA and DC, we decided to have smaller parties in both locations. We had a blast and took way too many pictures. Instead of a never ending post, here is the quick collage version of the two events:


Washington, DC:

Some of the pictures are so small you can hardly see them! But I promise we had a blast. And Behr could not be more excited to be TWO! As an extrovert, he thoroughly enjoyed the company and was ecstatic opening gifts, especially when he opened duplo legos, his absolute favorite thing right now.

p.s. and it was a complete coincidence that Behr and I both wore the exact same thing at both parties.
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  1. SO adorable! Love the cute little noses! I'm so glad he enjoyed his parties :)

  2. So cute!! Looks like some fun parties and I love all the details! My daughter was super excited when she opened her Princess duplo legos at Christmas.....she's obsessed!

  3. You are amazing! Just the thought of throwing two parties for the same birthday makes me want to lay down and take a nap;-) Having a clown nose for everyone was a great idea. I love Behr's sweet face in the picture of him holing out the book!



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