Twenty Three + Twenty Four Months

You are TWO!

Little Man, when did you become such a big boy? I can hardly believe my eyes at some of the things you do these days.

If you hear your dad or I making a ruckus in the kitchen, next thing we know you are beside us with a chair you dragged over, eager to help. Part of this is your interest in mimicking us these days, but I also think you truly enjoy doing what we are doing in the kitchen. You help prep dinner, unload the dishwasher, reload the dishwasher, and even insist on checking on the oven (if I remember to turn the light on) when things seem to be taking too long. When we were baking your birthday cupcakes, we had a conversation about the oven being dangerous/too hot. You tried to blow on the oven to cool it down. In moments like this, I appreciate your deductive reasoning, and often get stumped trying to better explain things to you.

You are also a fabulous greeter. You could spend a whole day on a city bench waving to people who pass, saying hi, and even asking them questions. You welcome your friends to daycare, and say hello to everyone who walks in the room. Recently in the morning when you finally manage to wake your Dad or I up, you greet us with an "oh, hey!" as if you casually noticed we were there and haven't spent the past hour trying to pry our eyelids open. We love these greetings.

Eye contact is huge right now. If you are trying to talk to us, but haven't received our full attention, you adjust our faces until our eyes lock. You are an incredible reminder of being present - taking one task at a time.

You favorite food right now is blackberries. We are going to end up in the poor house at the rate you eat them. You also love counting, playing with your legos, and boots. You want to wear your snow boots everywhere, but we have settled on your dress boots which make it easier for you to maneuver.

Behr, your baby brother will be coming soon and he is gonna rock our world. I look forward to continuing to snuggle with you, have massive giggle sessions, take just as many home videos and tickle you like crazy. Our fun is going to continue +1. The best part is, we are going to have even more excuses to go to Sweet Green for frozen yogurt and blackberry dates, like we did in the photos above!


  1. Happy 2nd Birthday to Behr....he is SO cute in those pictures!!! My baby just turned 3 and little sis is due in 4's all about excitement around these parts as well!

    1. 4 weeks! that is so soon. very exciting, to say the least!

  2. Happy happy birthday again to the cutest little toddler around! Oh my goodness I can't believe he's so big. Give him a big hug and a smooch for me :)

  3. he sounds so sweet! the oh hey - dying.

  4. Talk about, it's been awhile! You have a two year old! Also, you are pregnant, I am official out of the loop. Thanks for stopping by the blog.




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