Where's the Fire?

Halloween began in our house with Behr wanting nothing to do with his costume. Just a simple jacket and boots, things he would normally love. Thankfully, his teachers at daycare were able to coax him into his costume just in time for their parade. Behr had a blast with his friends. {I wish I could post pictures of all of them too! Adorable!} He would call their names, and if they were dressed up as an animal, make the corresponding noises. He photo bombed each family, insisting on being in front of the camera.

Afterward, we walked home to grab a quick dinner and bundle up for a night of trick or treating on Capitol Hill or "Hill-o-ween." Behr still hasn't quite grasped the concept of being friendly to get candy, let alone saying trick-or-treat. However he has a keen understanding that m&ms are delicious.

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Behr is wearing:
Hand-me-down Fireman's Jacket & Boots (similar)
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  1. Awww! Adorable!
    And you don't look too bad yourself mama! Love the dress.

  2. aw he is such a cute fireman! also you look adorable too! love that dress!


  3. Behr looks so cute! That parade sounds like so much fun! You guys are such a beautiful family and you look seriously amazing!

  4. Oh goshhhhh he just breaks my heart with his little smile! And obviously, now I know to bring him M&Ms :)

  5. How cute is he? He will for sure get that m&m's are delicious next year.

  6. Adorable! Stella was also really hesitant about her costume as well, BUT the sight of her friends all dressed up changed her mind pretty quickly!

  7. You are the cutest pregnant mama I ever did see.

    You look so pretty!... and Behr doesn't look too shabby himself. ;)



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