August is for...


Family Time.

Slowing Down.


Finding time to look for rainbows.

In our home, August is for all of these things. My camera is getting less use these days, nights of computer time have been replaced by family snuggle time. This month, blogging will be lighter than usual.  Blogging Book Club will continue. Join us to read Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda if you haven't started already. {pssst. mark your calendar for our discussion on August 23rd!} Nine to Five is on hiatus this month, as well all soak up the remaining bits of summer sunshine.

But take heart, there are some exciting things in store for September. I am changing the way I do sponsorships, more on that to come later. The layout here will be going through a bit of streamlining.And Saturday Shoes and Small Style may both be making a comeback...

Of course, you can always find me on instagram

What does August look like in your house? Are you slowing down, or have you already started gearing back up?


  1. I love Saturday Shoes, so please bring it back :) Yay for fun-filled Augusts :)

    1. I need some new ideas for Saturday shoes...I am all shoed out.

    2. When it comes to shoes, I am never shoe'd out. I'll send you some of my favorites!

  2. I love this. After a hideously overscheduled July and a too-long trip to visit friends this past Saturday, we jokingly named the rest of August "hermit August" where we halt our social calendar and just spend time with each other, going on adventures as a family, working on the house. Battening down the hatches for fall/winter.

    1. I'm on the brink of wanting a "hermit rest of my life" not just August...but I am guessing that will eventually change. :)

    2. I am betting the change in seasons that Fall brings will get you excited. Just hermit it out until labor day...then start dreaming of skinny jeans tucked into boots, fall colors and pie. That's motiviation right there.



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