Saturday Shoes: Grapefruit Flats

Yesterday I shared my recent blog date with Whitney. We have a growing list of things in common, our lust for shoes and good real food, plus we are both working mommas who miss our little ones so much it hurts. Our instagram feeds (hers + mine) are filled with images of us soaking up all the cuddles we can, in an effort to hold on to them when we get to the office. Bottom line, she is a pretty stellar lady.

Whitney recently told me that she found my blog via a Saturday Shoes post. I love that. So last week she sent me a link to a pair of shoes that she was undoubtably about to purchase, it seemed only natural that she would get a Saturday Shoes feature of her own.

Just like Whitney, these shoes are pretty awesome.

Do you have a shoe crush, or a favorite pair you would like to feature?
Leave a comment or shoot me an email to submit your own Saturday Shoes.


  1. I pretended for about 74 minutes that I was not going to purchase these shoes after I sent them to you. But of course, that did not last. I am wearing them now, and they are all that I hoped they would be.

  2. Can Saturday Shoes please make a come back? I loved reading it!



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