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The Ferry Building in San Francisco is where bloggers find heaven. Foodies, crafters, photographers, florists, chefs, and graphic designers a like will all be smitten. I want to go back, every single day. The Ferry Building alone might draw me to move to San Francisco. If you are planning a trip, you must plan to spend some time, simply wondering around. It may have been one of my favorite parts of the trip, well, until the greatest blogger date of all time.

After soaking in every inch of the place, scoping out restaurants and pastries, we headed outside to meet our new friend...

(which I seriously wish Mark had captured on film because we practically leapt into each others arms)

lunch at Il Canne Rosso, determining that our husbands would be good friends, falling in love with Whitney's perfect brown sandals (classic Shannon), being kind to the tourists from Atlanta behind us who kept interrupting our very first real life in person conversation, mourning over the sick that kept our kiddos from their first potential meeting, lots of excited smiles from Behr nevertheless, swapping notes on life as a working (in the office) mom, and strategies for coping with missing our kids, talking well beyond a normal lunch hour before we even think about wrapping things up, passing Blue Bottle Co. because of the long line and the fact that it would have been better with Erin, witnessing the mom in Whitney come out as she paparazzi-ed my son with moves only a well practiced toddler photog could be familiar with, gingersnaps and a vanilla macaron at Miette, and an all too quick goodbye to a very dear friend who I cannot wait to see again. It was perfect. Next time we are going to grab burgers at good stuff here in DC, and our third date will be back on the West Coast at la casa de McMadness. I have planned it all out. If only I had my own plane...

psst. you can read more about our date here.
oh, and next time, we will take legit blogger photos with us in them.


  1. Oh gosh, so many things. Lame because I am commenting first on our date post, but that is how excited I am.

    1. As always, your pictures are gorgeous. I spend loads of time at the Ferry Building and never realized how much eye candy there is.

    2. Love that you captured me camera-stalking your cute kid. He does too much cute stuff.

    3. Those Atlanta tourists were too much. How many times did they ask what they should order?

    4. You must return, and we must be joined by Erin and for more than a lunch. Because the talking cannot possibly be limited to a single lunch hour ever again.

    1. camera stalking was likely the funniest part of the day, it had to be captured.

  2. The Ferry Building is one of my favorite places on earth.

    And for the record, I want IN on the next date.

  3. Replies
    1. it would be heavenly for you, well anyone really. but you would LOVE it.

  4. That looks like such a fabulous blate location! And now I want to go there...

  5. so fun!! loved all your pics & stories!



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