San Francisco Bay Area | Muir Woods


adopt the pace of nature:
her secret is patience.
ralph waldo emerson

Don't mind the slightly haggard look. Muir Woods marked day seven of our vacation. The paved path and wooded walk were a welcome escape for us. The love of our family deepened in the woods as the beauty of the redwoods overwhelmed us. We were quiet and reflective. If you have a chance to been near Muir Woods, go. You will not regret the trip. I look forward to going back someday to explore the hiking trails.

p.s. There is just something about being among the world's largest trees that makes you want to spread your arms out wide. Am I right?

I am linking up to small style. Behr is wearing:
polo shirt from gapkids | 3/4 zip shirt from old navy | gym pants from gapkids | sneakers from new balance


  1. Those are massive trees. And you guys look great! Pshaw girl.

  2. I have never seen trees like that! WOW.
    Behr is just adorable! Love the pic of him with daddy looking like they're surprised. Or in shock. Too sweet.

    1. Oh Susan, you have no idea. The pictures don't even begin to explain how big they are!

  3. WOW, that looks like an amazing place. Magical pictures.

  4. behr is cute as always, but what i'm really loving is your shirt!!!
    and this place is BEAUTIFUL!!! so gorgeous!



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