San Francisco Bay Area | Point Reyes

When we decided on a day trip to Point Reyes National Seashore, we were hoping to see harbor seals, a chance sighting of a migrating whales and a visit to the lighthouse. We had no idea how stunningly beautiful the more than 30000 acres of rolling farmland and coastal cliffs would be! And much to my joy, the National Park featured more cows that I could capture in photos. I've got a thing for cows. Point Reyes is where I took the bulk of the pictures on our vacation. So many, it could never be captured in one post. So therefore, I present to you, the cows.


  1. Shannon, these photos are so good they look surreal! Crazy.
    Another giveaway today if you're interested. Two in a row, a bit much I know.

  2. These must be the cows featured in the "Happy Cows Come From California" commercials! My favorite picture is the one if the cow peeking out of the grass.

  3. I'm terrified of cows. Fun fact. But these guys are...well...kinda cute.

  4. love these pics, shannon. those cows look like they've got it made.



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