Hanging out at the Hotel

There is not much worse than being sick on vacation. But if you have to be stuck somewhere, this beautiful hotel we stayed at in Sonoma was perfect. We had a wonderful bathroom with a soaker tub and steam shower (both came in handy!) a fireplace, and a balcony to get all the fresh air we could stand. We spent a good deal of downtime lounging around the pool and out door firepits, marveling at the hills of Sonoma rolling in the background, and citrus trees, situated like boxwoods, growing right before our eyes. Lemons and organes, and grapefruits, oh my! You know you are from the Northeast when hotel staff comments on how many pictures you are taking of their lemon tree.

I am linking up to Small Style on Mama Loves Papa.

Behr is wearing:
Navy Zip sweater from Carters, gifted
Gap Swim Trunks, hand-me-downs


  1. Super fancy fun hotel! I want to go on vacation there and just lounge in the tub.

    Regarding lemons--we have a lemon tree in our yard that produces lemons year round. B's little cousin from Wyoming could not stop starting at it and asking "You really can have a lemon whenever you want?"

  2. Why is Behr the cutest thing in the entire world? I swear, I could spend all day looking at his cutie patootie face. Thaaaaaaaat's not creepy...

  3. that second shot is so cute!!!
    i'm so sorry about being sick on vacation! that's the pits!

  4. time out! i have been to this hotel.

    so beautiful.

    and bummer about being sick! i feel like that can happen on vacation- your body finally gets a chance to slow down and then BAM it hits you.

  5. such cute pics! and hey! are they with your new camera? are you loving it?

  6. He's too cute for words!
    And the hotel is just lovely. I'm assuming you would recommend? Planning California. Soon.

  7. Sorry to hear that you guys were sick. It does suck lots. Man. Especially when you're away. Looks like you guys are maximizing the fun though, not letting the sickies get you down and stuff.

    Sonoma looks just stunning. I would love to make it there oneday.



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