Small T-Rex Style

whoa, look at that truck!

oh you're taking pictures

can I have the camera?

is this candy? let me try.
(please tell me your kids eat rocks too!)

see mom, dad's right, I need a hair cut

whoa, another truck!

look over there, mom

now look up

I'm avoiding the camera now.

are you seriously still taking pictures?

how's my blue steel?

is this angle better?

I call this, "serious face"


I see dad. He's coming to rescue me.

Tongues out, on a mission.

Alright mommas, am I the only one that cannot delete a single picture? I want to keep them all. I am afraid that one day I will wake up and my baby will be grown and I will have no memories of these precious days. Look at these pictures! He is already a big boy. And the growing isn't gonna stop any time soon. His potbelly is begining to shrink. His facial features are losing their baby chub. And man, oh man, I would give anything to watch him revert to crawling. He has nearly transitioned completely to walking, which really means mountain climbing. Every bump or lump is a conquest for him. He always takes the difficult path, it is simply more fun to face the challenge. I want to capture every. single. moment. of this glorious phase. But I also want to put the camera down and enjoy it. We have been running around the park recently. And let me tell you, this kid has wheels and no fear. It is a crazy combination. He has literally walked off the edge of the playground equiptment a few times, but the tumbles don't seem to bother him. I am so glad. I know the scrapped knees, bumps, and bruises are coming soon. I want to keep him safe, but he seems to have more fun falling down. So, bring it on. Summer, I am ready for you. Even if it means ice packs and bandages. And perhaps a few tears shed by momma.

...and at this rate a spare harddrive to store all of the photos!

I am linking up with Morgan for Small Style.

Behr is wearing:
T-Rex tee shirt from Nosilla Organics, via Zulily
Genuine Kids Jeans
New Balance Sneakers, just like his dads


  1. I was just going to say how cute his little potbelly was!

    His shoes made me smile, and Everett is jealous of his hair. So save that cut for later!

  2. Oh my gosh! I am just that way too. I needed to buy an external hard drive to house all the pictures of my son. He is only 6 months is going to get so much worse. I just started blogging again- love your site- so inspiring! Love- Tiffany

  3. His belly. Oh, his belly. I think Behr might be my favorite :)

  4. the shirt is awesome, but that belly is the best. THE best!!!

  5. new balance baby sneaks! get outta town! cutest.

  6. Awwwww! I have a hard time deleting pics too. These are adorable. Love the commentary. Ha!



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