A love affair with my freezer.

Alright folks, I gotta be honest. If you told me that I could only have one major kitchen appliance, I would definitely choose a freezer. It might sound crazy, but it is totally true. Give me a pile a wood to make fire if I ever loose my stove or oven. But with my freezer, I would be lost. When I have no idea what to feed Behr, my freezer always holds the answer. Frozen raviolis, waffles, farm share veggies like peas, corn, and green beans, and our family favorite, frozen fruit. We consume a high percentage of our fruit frozen in this household. Frozen raspberries or blueberries tossed into a glass of seltzer, frozen bananas or strawberries in a smoothie, and frozen grapes in the hight of summer. More recently, frozen fruit has become a staple for Behr. We are hooked on mango right now. Secretly, I hope my kids (assuming Behr isn't an only child) opt for frozen fruit over ice cream or popsicles some day. Wouldn't that be quite the victory!

Behr's Breakfast:
Fresh strawberries and frozen mango, cut in bite size chunks.
The perfect for the summer like weather we are having here in DC.
Even better on Behr's gums, sore from teething.

Here's the happy boy, himself.
Donning his new camera ready smile, complete squinted eyes.

+ + +
We are linking up with mini meals on with two cats. 
Hope you will hope over and check out how other moms are getting creative with meal time.
+ + +

And since we are talking about my love of my freezer, I would be remiss not to mention my favorite freezer ready meals:

1. Whole Family Italian Soup - I have frozen this with and without the pasta added. For ultimate texture, don't add the pasta until after you defrost.

2. Kentucky Style BBQ Chicken - This is a double bonus! A crockpot meal that you can also freeze. Plus you can freeze the rolls too!

3. The Best Chicken Tacos - The tortillas and shredded cheese can go in the freezer along with this chicken filling.

4. Lentil Soup - Just realized that I only ever included this is a baby meal planning guide! Must get a full recipe up with pictures, asap.

5. Bridget's Black Bean Soup - I have to steal this one from Bridget, because her recipe is the best!

6. Cookie Pie - The only part of this that uses the freezer is the cool whip, which you have to let soften...so it doesn't really need the freezer, but what would freezer meals be without dessert? And it is only three ingredients, so it is about as easy as a freezer meal!

Now go hug your freezer!

And if you are lucky enough to have an extra freezer, 
not just a rinky dink on top of a standard fridge freezer, 
I am insanely jealous of you.


  1. I'm DYING over that picture of Behr - love it!

  2. All I want to do is eat frozen mango with Behr. That's ALL I want to do with my day :)

  3. Mmmm yum. Violet doesn't seem to like frozen things yet (she even turns down popsicles!) but hopefully she'll catch on one of these days :) Maybe when it starts to get hot this summer. Thanks for linking up!

  4. I just typed a novel of a comment, complete with typos, and my phone ate it when I tried to fix the typos. The gist? Frozen mango is bomb. D loves it, especially after a nasty toddler fall where she bites her tongue. Thanks for the bonus recipes! I am a freezer slacker, but you inspire me. There is nothing better than coming home during a busy work week and knowing dinner is already made.

  5. i wish i had a bigger freezer. i love freezing with my food saver but there isn't enough room. i am really happy for these freezer friendly recipes. i always am confused over what can actually get frozen.


  6. I'm stealing Bridget's recipe too! And continue to steal yours. One day, I might actually make them. Chicken tacos are on the top of the list!

  7. Ahhhh I've been trying to motivate myself to make healthy freezer meals each Sunday so I don't spend so much damn money on food every week...those tacos look amazing! It's just so hard to cook for 1...

  8. I need to get better about this! I know with a little bit of planning we can have our kitchen stocked for easy meals. I tend to just stop at the grocery store for whichever meal we are in the mood for, and rarely have enough on hand to pull something together. Not good!

    Love Behr's smile :)



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