Saturday Boots

Welp, I took the plunge. After staring at these boots for a year, I bought a different pair. Same spirit, but a bit more tame. Now I just need to figure out what to wear them with!

Desperately seeking style tips!


  1. awesome! I say skinny jeans with an over-sized sweater or t-shirt. if you want to wear them out at night go with a fitted shirt and a blazer and some chunky necklaces. just an idea!

  2. Love them (and wish they were in my size!). I'd say skinnies (jeans or cords) tucked in, or a pair of long boot cut jeans that graze the floor when you wear them with these. Makes legs look a mile long, and then when you sit down, you get a fun peak at the shoes :) Fitted tops with the boot cut, loose wit the skinnies!

  3. Those are fierce, yet classy! Great pick!

  4. ===================================================love!

    I would wear them with leggings and a longish top or cardigan and tank underneath.
    Skinny jeans in a fun color. Honestly, you could even swing a maxi skirt with these babies.
    Very nice choice.



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