One of those weekends.

We dropped off a lamp to be rewired.

Picked up some hardwood charcoal, the nice weather is begging us to break out the grill.

Went to the dry cleaners. It is only two blocks away, but never convenient.

Behr discovered peanut butter when he woke up early from his nap, interrupting my snack time.

I tried on nearly every piece of clothing in my closet, even my shoes.

Piles of clothes found new homes with friends, neighbors, and my sisters. The rest await a future clothing swap or consignment store run.

We replaced our shower curtain on a trip to the suburbs. The shower curtain was $9.99 but somehow target got over $200 from us.

Behr's easter basket is now full, a whole month early! Thank you target, thank you suburbs. Maybe you aren't that bad after all.

I stayed away from my computer and completely ignored my etsy shop. This weekend was spent enjoying downtime with my little family. We walked the city. Took care a few odds and ends. And simply enjoyed time together. It was perfect. How was your weekend?


  1. Looks like the best weekend ever :) Behr's learning quickly about the best snacks. Boy after my own heart!

  2. ahhta girl!! take some time off for yourself!

  3. Sounds just perfect.
    Did he love the peanut butter? Ava is a HUGE fan.

  4. Ahhh, I love those kinds of weekends! Ours was similar, we ordered a pile of mulch and spruced up our front yard, watched the CU basketball game with neighbors, went to a college lacrosse game, and had an adventure in San Francisco (add Chile Pie & Ice Cream to your SF list!).

    And yesterday I impulse ordered shoes online and thought of you.

  5. He is too cute! And Target just has a way of doing that to you, doesn't it?!



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