Big Birthday Boy News

Last Thursday, Behr turned one and the doors of opportunity were flung wide open. Turning one served as a catalyst. He woke up Friday morning, as a brand new one year old...and walked! {sort of}  He spent all day Friday taking steps for every single person under the sun except me! Late afternoon, I was finally able to see him take his first steps. And since then, I have spent countless minutes behind the camera attempting to catch this inspiring milestone on film. But my little Behr only likes to take a few steps when I am not looking. The little stinker!

He has taken up to three unassisted steps too many times to count. I have been excited to share a video with you, but it just isn't happening! Someday. Eventually. These steps that lead to full blown walking will be old news. And then you will get a video. But for now, just the excitement of a momma who couldn't hold the secret in any longer! Wahoooooo! Behr took his first steps the day after his first birthday. Phew, I have been jumping out of my skin to share this with all of you!

We are linking up with small style on Mama Loves Papa.

Behr is wearing:
A "Baby's 1st Birthday" tee - a gift from his greek grandparents.
Fleece Vest - a birthday present
Jeans - our old trusty Osh'Koshes
New Balance Sneakers - a gift from daycare so he could match daddy. So sweet!

Question time for Small Style Mommas! 
How on earth do you keep your mobile babies still long enough for cute pictures for your link up each week!?!?


  1. Awww! I can't imagine how proud that must make you feel. Man, does the time fly. Pretty soon (well, very soon) you won't be able to catch him!

  2. yay for turning one! i love that he uses a little push toy as his "crutch" for walking. my first walked with a push toy forever! i love going back and watching the videos ;)

    happy birthday behr!

  3. Behr is the coolest. And I can't believe he's taking steps on his own! He's growing up WAY too fast.

  4. Haha, good question! Sports mode and lots and lots of shots. He's a handsome little guy, Happy Birthday to him!

  5. Your world is about to change friend! He's too sweet.
    And pics? I'm finding them next to impossible lately.

  6. Aw, Happy Birthday! I found taking photos while the kids were one to be about the hardest time. They get better around two, but I do a lot of running and chasing while shooting at the same time!

  7. Happy birthday B! Oh man, when my girl's birthday rolled around I was a mess for like two weeks. Hope you three are having a wonderful time celebrating the frist year!

    As for pictures? I don't know that I've found the secret. I just take a lot of pictures and hope one comes out well (it doesn't alway happen). Taking pictures in a well lit place helps (though again, that doesn't happen that often) and then sneaking up on them and catching them in a moment of stillness is another strategy.



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