A bowl of fruit or a mixed bag.

More like a round up with a lot of fruit references. Here are ten things:

1. Behr loves a whole piece of fruit. He is over things being sliced and diced. He prefers his citrus round. Punching a thumb through to reach the squishy inside is the ultimate satisfaction. But taking a bite out of the bitter rind elicits looks of horror from strangers and giggles from Behr.

2. The manipulation has begun. This week we were out to lunch with my brother when Behr accidentally hit his head on the table. To calm the immediate screaming, I handed him an apple. He calmed right down. When he resumed eating, I slipped the apple back in my bag for use later. A few minutes later, Behr gently lowered his head, banged it on the table and then reached out for the apple. He did this a few more times throughout lunch. He faked hurt to get what he wanted. Pure manipulation. 

3. I have been using Springpad to stay organized recently and I love it. But I have to be honest. Going completely paperless scares me. Like if there isn't a sticky note in my life, then something isn't getting done. I love online magazines, and ecards, but life without postal mail would mean one less evening joy. I crave the organization that my electronic devices allow, but may never make it fully paperless. 

4. I guess that is part of why I am so passionate about my etsy shop. Making simple note cards that encourage people to express themselves on paper brings me joy. Writing a letter is an art. Even if it is simple, the words are awkward, and the handwriting is scrawly or slanted. Putting pen to paper is an expression of love. So I would like to encourage you. Love big, write often.

5. There are new items in the shop, just in time for Valentine's Day. Imagine that!

6. Speaking of Valentine's Day. I am looking forward to a 2012 full of dates with my husband. He is at his final residency for his MBA program and I could not be more excited for his graduation! This weekend we are joining him for a special evening event celebrating the closing of his cohort. Behr and I even get to dress up for the occasion. Even after this weekend, there are a few more projects and papers to submit, but the end is near. The day he submits his final deliverable and says, "I am finished!" will be one of rejoicing. Mark will be able to help with the house and Behr and not travel away from us as often, but what I am most looking forward to are the dates. Hint, hint, Mark, you better start thinking of some stellar date nights!

7. Did I mention I was proud of Mark, or did I make that last point all about me? Seriously, I am very, very proud. Mark has been incredibly dedicated to his program and learning. I could not imagine a more avid independent learner. Mark, has done well and set quite an inspiring example for our entire family.

8. I have been having nightmares about where Behr will sleep next. Not next nap time, but once he grows out of his modestly sized Bloom Alma Mini. We don't even have room for a full sized crib mattress. What will we do? Images of cots or worse, animal beds, have been haunting my dreams. Where will my child sleep? This is an irrational fear, because when the time comes, we will figure something out, I just need to get these darn images out of my head!

9. Is instagram the new Canon Rebel? Silly question, but serious thoughts. Being home this week with family, I have hardly picked up my camera, let alone my mom's fancy drool-worthy camera that I typically hoard. There is something about the ease of my phone that has me completely smitten. Plus the pictures are shared with the world with second. Who wouldn't want that?! (did you pick up on that bit of snark there?)

10. Which leads me to my most recent thoughts on the pictures I post on my blog. I admire the blogs that have made it big time with their professionally crafted and edited pictures. I long to create simply beautiful things. But sometimes it doesn't always work out that way. I don't always get to capture "blog-worthy" pictures, and yet I still post away. At the end of this day, I want this blog to be a means of communicating with friends and family. So pardon the poor lighting or occasional blur. The aunts and uncles and grandparents don't mind that stuff, and this blog brings them joy. So when it comes to sharing our life, I will continue to share, even when we are as fuzzy as a kiwi if that is all we have.

I am joining Elizabeth today.


  1. Just added your shop to my faves list. Will definitely be making a purchase soon. I am in desperate need of some new stationary.

    And Behr- what a class act that little nug is. Class act.

  2. Love the look of your stationary. Simple and beautiful. There is something so wonderful about receiving a handwritten letter. My mother-in-law is just so amazing with this we joke that she keeps the postal service in business. Any person that has crossed paths with her has received some type of card or letter. She sends us cards almost weekly.

    Don't stress about your pictures. I am on a new mission with my blog, E kind of inspired me. I post when I can and about what I want to. I hate that feeling of , "this isn't good enough". For who exactly? I keep reminding myself of why I started the blog in the first place. If it brings you and your family joy and if people enjoy reading it (which we do) then that is all that matters!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I especially love #6. And to make stellar dates truly stellar, I say "Bring on the Behr!" Bella wants her own play date. ;)

  4. YES -- with the handwritten notes.

    and love your new 'little baby' stationary!!!!

  5. I love the pictures you post! Once a picture has been crafted and edited it loses its "real life" texture. Also, you shouldn't think of the pictures as blurry - they are action shots ;-)

  6. Kate Arnold and I just watched the videos of Behr and we laughed so hard. He is so adorbs. Can't even handle that I haven't met him in real life!!!

  7. How did I miss this?
    Love these.
    Ms. Ava preferred her fruit whole early on as well. freaked me out at first.
    And I agree, I could never go paperless. Love the handwritten word way too much.



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