Doing Laps

Our little adventurer loves our coffee table. He sees it as an obstacle to conquer. When we purchased this table, we saw the storage potential.  We did not consider that the height of the base was perfect for a baby to stow items away, out of parents' reach, that the arms would be fun to pull out, and that the top would be a challenge to lift motivating an eleven month old to try harder! Nor could we imagine that a path would be worn in our carpet around the base.

Behr love, love, loves working his way around the coffee table. Here are a few action shots I snagged just before bedtime. You will see that after the coffee table, his second love is the remote.

I love Behr's expression in the last shot.  You even get a glimpse of how he squirrles away food in his cheeks. That is carrot in there. He picked out of my dinner, because he just had to see what mom and dad were eating.  Behr is a nosey little man and always wants what everyone else has. So now I strategically eat food I can share, which fortunately is most food these days.

Behr is wearing:
Plaid Shirt - handmedown
Socks - See Kai Run
Shoes - Little Friends Co. on Etsy
(these are seriously the best shoes ever, our 2nd pair and we love them!)

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  1. Oh goodness, he's adorable! :)

    I see our coffee table being something similar in the next few months. Now we're in that "I-can't-crawl-but-I-can-roll-everywhere" phase.

    The fun has just begun. :)

  2. Behr. He is literally too much for me to handle sometimes. His eyes are so beautiful!

  3. My niece would do the same thing- round and round and round. I think they like the obstacle but also that they can reach it for stability.

    Cute pictures!

  4. It's unreal how cute your kid is. I know I say that in nearly every comment, but he is really crazy cute. Those cheeks are killer. Killer, I tell you.

  5. He is at one of my most favorite baby stages. I love them all but when they start to explore like this well watch out. Big leagues now!

  6. I love me some checked shirts. Wow, Behr is such an adorable little guy. BTW, does he have a date for prom 2028? Because I'm thinking that he should probably go with Stella.



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