Behr's personality

Behr is a comforter. 
although I know there may be times this characteristic falls to the wayside,
it is already such a strong trait
he is very responsive to emotion and calms down immediately if we are upset

Behr is an adventurer.
this past month he
lunged off the couch
climbed into the dishwasher
tries to spend bath time standing and tossing toys in a bucket
get anywhere faster. faster. faster.
and flips onto his belly like a fish outta water when you try to put him on his changing table

Behr is a comedian.
he teases
he plays tricks
and oh, does he giggle
oodles of giggles in this house.

I have been saying recently 
that Behr is going to find great enjoyment in life as he continues to grow.

In less than a year, we have seen his heart and personality boom. While I know that many of these traits may change and shift over time, it is hard to imagine that something so certain today could be different in a few years. Instead, I try to imagine how the character of Behr today will shape into the young man he will become. I can already picture him at 7 and 17 and 37.

Oh little man, I pray for you and all that you are called to be.


  1. I love this. I can see so much of my little boy's personality at one and it makes me incredibly excited to know the future him.

    Except the part of him that likes to steal things and hide them in places never to be found. Or the part of him that takes marshmallow creme jars out of the garbage and attempts to dye his eyebrows sticky white. I hope he grows out of those klepto/scavenger traits because I don't see his future spouse digging that side.

  2. he is adorable! and i LOVE his name! we have a 4 month old little boy named berkeley. i can tell already i'm going to loooove little boys!
    love your blog!



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